Reputation, Feedback, and Referral Request Management Services “All in One” It’s Our Bread and Butter! We build your google local presence quickly, affordably and your new referrals to keep current and new customers coming to your business.

Why we stand out in a crowd of competitors & why we can make YOU stand out in a crowd of competitors on Google. YAHOO.COM is a software company specializing in reputation marketing and customer referral plus payment reminder space. Our programming team allows us to customize each program specifically to the business we are working with. We have over 40 years of combined marketing experience and 20+ years of ownership experience, which gives us the insight we need when building our programs. YAHOO.COM has put a lot of focus on our reputation marketing program, which delivers quantifiable results immediately! Google Reviews Gets More Sales Go ahead, try out the system, and give us a review. We can never say No to a review.

We have a great mobile review system that allows you to increase your positive online reviews dramatically.

As you know, when someone takes the time to go online to post something about your business, it’s usually because something made them mad.

Very seldom do customers take that same time to post a positive review. Our system makes it easy for your customers to post a positive review of your business through a text message program.

Remember that 99% of when someone posts ANYTHING about you or your business online, you have no idea about it. Make sure to contact us about our online reputation management system that constantly tracks any posts or mentions about you and your business ANYWHERE on the internet.

You will get a report whenever you’d like to list what people are saying and compare you to your competition and how each of you ranks online. Google Reviews Gets More Sales

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